Contacting Your Camper

Contacting Your Camper

Communication from friends and family is important to children away from home, and everyone loves getting mail at camp! Happy mail—not worrisome news or information on what she is missing out on—is the best type of mail to send. Please do not send food to your camper, as it attracts bugs and other critters. If a camper receives food, it will be kept in the kitchen until departure.


Sending Mail to Camp

Campers look forward to lots of cheerful mail from home. Please avoid sharing stories about activities she is missing or that you miss her terribly. These things have been known to upset campers and trigger homesickness. Remember, a camper should read her mail, smile happily, and go to her next activity.

There will be a designated mailbox area where parents can leave pre-written letters for their campers on check-in day. Mark the camper’s name, session, and day to be delivered on the envelope.

Mail is delivered during ‘Me Time’ every day. Any mail received after 11:30 a.m. will not be delivered until the following day.

We strongly suggest pre-writing letters and dropping them off on check-in day. Letters sent through traditional USPS frequently arrive the week after your camper leaves.

Camp Libbey
Camper Name
Name of Session, Housing Unit
Camp Whip Poor Will
Camper Name
Name of Session, Housing Unit

Sending Email to Camp

We have a one-way email available for parents/caregivers to keep in touch with campers during the week.

Emails that arrive should be marked with the following subject line: CAMPER NAME/SESSION NAME.

Emails will be printed each day between 11 and 11:30 a.m. and delivered at lunchtime. Any emails arriving after 11:30 a.m. will not be delivered until the following day.

Emails will only be delivered Monday–Thursday. Please do not send emails for Sunday delivery, as they will not be delivered until lunch on Monday. We do not deliver emails on Fridays.

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Mail for Campers on Off-Site Overnights

Campers that spend multiple days away from camp will not receive emails or postmarked mail until they return. We recommend you pre-write daily letters and drop them off at check-in.


Receiving Mail from Camp

It may be that mail from your camper is not so cheerful. Remember that girls sometimes write home during homesick moments or that the act of writing triggers homesickness.

In most instances, when you receive the letter, your camper is well-adjusted to camp and having a wonderful time. If you are concerned about a letter you receive from your camper while she is at camp, please call the camp and speak with the assistant camp director or camp director.


Phone Calls

Campers do not have access to the phone. Please do not tell your daughter that she can call home since it may trigger homesickness.

If an emergency arises at home, please get in touch with Customer Care at 888.350.5090. If after business hours, dial extension 621 to be connected to a camp leadership team member.



There are no scheduled days for visitation during the week. Visits are exceptionally disruptive for all campers.