CSA Leadership Programs

CSA Leadership Programs

Don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is excited to offer girls under the age of 18 with leadership programs throughout summer camp!

Camp is a place where you'll learn to grow. Your summer will be filled with unique and excited experiences and challenges. Throughout the summer, you'll develop your leadership and teamwork skills as you work with other CSA Girl Scouts and staff members to provide an outstanding camp experience for the younger Girl Scouts, and you'll also develop close friendships, have a great time, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Registration Opens in January

Please Note: Registration links will not appear on this page when registration opens. Please visit gswo.org/activities to register for the sessions.



Camp registration is done through Activities on the GSWO website. There is an Activities listing for each week of camp instead of each camp session.

To locate the session you want to register for, go to the Activity List and search for the week of camp, which is listed in parentheses after each session title below. Then locate the listing for the appropriate type of camp (day camp, resident camp, etc.) and the camp property (Whip Poor Will, Libbey, etc.) from the search results.

The listing titles are formatted as follows: 240 - 2020 [Day / Resident] Camp - [Property] - Week #

For example, Dr. FrankenBrownie at Camp Whip Poor Will will be within the Activities listing 240 - 2020 Resident Camp - Whip Poor Will - Week 1.

You can confirm that you have the correct Activity by scrolling down to the description, which will list each session for that week of camp.

Once you have located the correct Activity listing, click Register Now and log into My GS to complete the registration!

If you have questions as you register, contact the Customer Care Team by phone at 888.350.5090 or by email at customercare@gswo.org!

Looking for camp jobs?

If you're 18 or older, camp staff positions are over here!