Camp in a Box

Camp in a Box

Adventure Where You Are

Have camp delivered right to your doorstep with progressive activities that will occupy her all summer long! The 8 outdoor-themed boxes are great for girls of all ages and can be done as a troop or as a family!

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Box 1: Camp Critters

June 14-18

It's all about bugs! We live in a world full of them, but we don't always notice the interesting facts about them, like their awesome features and beautiful colors. Sometimes we even run from them! But now you'll have the tools to look at them close up and discover a whole new way of thinking about bugs. You may discover there's a lot to like!



Box 2: Go Batty

June 21-25

NEW for 2021! Every evening, bats take to the sky to stretch their wings and eat their fill of insects like mosquitos and moths. Learn all about these mysterious flying mammals and how they impact our lives by pollinating many of the fruits we love. From bat houses to fruit salads and lots of activities in between, you're sure to go batty with this box!



Box 3: Finding Your Way

June 28 - July 2

Getting lost is never fun! This box gets you started using trail signs to communicate where you are going. Then try your hand at mastering compass skills as you navigate from place to place. Next thing you know, you will be reading maps like the pros.



Box 4: Knots-o-Fun

July 5-9

NEW for 2021! This box will start with several basic knots, then move into more progressive ones. And then the fun begins—bring on your creativity! You’ll use your newfound knot tying skills for everything from weaving and macramé to lashing and even table building!


"We got a couple last year and they were fun. My husband said to get all the new ones this year... I think he had just as much fun with them as our daughter did."
- Ashley, Troop Leader and Girl Scout Mom in Dayton


Box 5: Whittle the Day Away

July 12-16

It’s always special to have your own knife and become proficient at using it. This box starts with knife safety and the basics of soap carving, then moves on to using your own pocketknife. Learn how to care for and sharpen your knife with the sharpening stone that’s included. Before long you will be whittling the day away with your creations!



Box 6: Feathered Friends

July 19-23

NEW for 2021! Did you know that identifying birds is at the very heart of bird watching? Each bird you encounter is like a little puzzle or mystery to solve, because no two birds are exactly alike. Discover the amazing, colorful world of birds—feeders, feathers, beaks, and feet! There’s so much to know about our feathered friends!



Box 7: Campfire Cooking

July 26-30

UPDATED for 2021! There is nothing better than a cooked meal over a campfire! The second best thing about a cookout? It’s owning your own mess kit! This guide will help provide the progression of starting your fire, cooking a meal, and then cleaning up. Oh! And the best part of a cookout? Eating, of course!



Box 8: Sights of the Night

Aug 2-6

NEW for 2021! When you walk outside after dark and look up at the night sky, you see planets, stars and constellations, but do you know their stories? Now you’ll have fun facts, information, and some new activities (and snacks, too!) to try at home as you become a night sky observer in your own back yard. Let’s explore the sights of the night!


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